Thursday, February 13, 2014

Download Flappy Bird Game on Android smartphone/tablet (file .apk) - Install offline Flappy Bird Game

Flappy Bird - A great game on the smartphone and tablet.
It has been become a game of legend on smartphones and tablets.

It has basic graphics and is 'life ruiningly addictive' but Flappy Bird has shot to the top of the charts
You will feel so happy and so angry quickly when playing it
I don't think it is a funny game, it's really a addicting game
If you play Flappy Bird Game and get more 50 points, you may be a superman ^^,

This game had been removed from Google and Apple App Stores by own author (he is Dong Nguyen)
But you still can play it if you have a Android Phone/Tablet. It can be installed offline that without Google and Apple App Stores.
I will share this myth game, and you are able to only setup it in Android smartphones/tablets by file .apk

Don't angry, don't hurry, you will get high scores.
Remember that!
Now let's start!
Good luck :)


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Friday, September 21, 2012

Travel to Vung Tau City

Tom, would you like travel to Vung Tau City?
- Oh, it's one of the most attractive place in the South of Vietnam
- I had come there some times and I am really attracted by those beaches.
Can you tell something about Vung Tau's beach?
- One of the best beautiful beach in Vung Tau is Bai Sau (other name is Thuy Van, Thuy Duong). Bai Sau have fresh air and beautiful atmostphere, a long beach with white sand and there are of casuarina
- Besides, Bai Truoc (or Tam Duong) is also a attractive with great feeling when walking along the coast and seeing sunset, sunrise.
How about the services in there?
- I think the services are normal.
- The food is very diverse but it's a little expensive
- The hotel price is not too expensive
Thanks Tom for yours useful informations.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feeling about my current job (2)

Hi Tom, how is the work today?
- Thanks, it was the same as yesterday
Oh what, can you tell me about it?
- I feel that I'm trying to work a job which I don't have any inspiration, any passion and any joy,...
- That's too bad
- The only thing I feel that my parents are happy so much about their son
- But My Life is mine, I want to have a change, a great change. I want to find the inspiration in work. I want everyone to see that I am a ambitious person. A office staff, I am tired of this job.
Which things do you feel bored of your current job?
- Of course, salary is one of the worst things, but it's not the worst. My manager don't evaluate my ability accurately yet, the work is not suitable for me are the worst things.
Why do you recognize that your manager don't evaluate your ability?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeling about my current job

Hi, Tom
How are you?
- Thank you but I'm not so fine
Excuse me, can you tell me?
- My job, I feel that I'm not suited with my current job
Tom, why, I think you like it?
- Oh no, my current job is just a job, not a career
But why, did you have some problems in your job?
- I see that I can finish my works well but I havn't any passion in it, can't find any joy
- I think I won't be successful in this field, I need a change
- My manager don't evaluate my ability accurately and I see that she is right, at least in the current job.
Tom, cool down! You are having a good job, many people want to have it but not can't

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday, 15/01/2011

A nice day! A day off work!

After a hard working Friday, I had one day leave.
I feel that I'm beginning to interested in my work. It's a interesting work. There are a lot of useful things which I have to learn. That might be a good thing or might also be a trouble. There are so much feelings from happy to lonely in this work. They are things of daily occurrence. And I must to face them. I don't think they are difficulties. They are all challenge that I must to overcome. I really want to take this challenge. It will make me more mature.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, 10 Jan 2011

Today is a hard-working day and I sure that my boss will get down on me tomorrow. I guess he know that I am no longer interested in my work.
A former colleague had taken over his work to me. Out of these, there are some bad debts. And my boss want me to handle them. Of course, I know this is my work, but I feel that I do it unenthusiastically. I may want to have a new job in other company which help me get excited.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday, 09 Jan 2011

A nice sunday!
I had met some friends who studied at the same university. We had talked a lot about daily work. Most of them have a good job, a good position in their company and they are pleased with current work. A funny thing is none of us (5 people) work for the same company.
And then, we went to a pub and had a couple of beers. It has been too long we haven't a chance to meet each other.
I like a round-up of old friends.